All of the excursions, tours and services booked with Excursion Go are subject to rules and regulations laid by the Turkish Travel Agencies and the Consumer Protection Laws recently upgraded in order to meet the standards of European Union Consumer Rights Legislation.


As far as payment are concerned, we charge for our services online. Payments made online or upon arrival are inclusive of VAT.

Alterations of booked tours

We always try our best to meet our client’s needs and expectations, and that is why we have tried to portray the tours and services on our website as faithfully as possible. However, due to some unavoidable circumstances, Excursion Go,holds the right to alter some content or all of the programs without any prior notice.

Refund on cancellations made by us

In case of tour cancellation made by Excursion Go, we are liable to refund the actual tour prices that you have already paid for and nothing more than that.

Refund on cancellations made by you

For cancellations requested by you prior to 7 days of the tour date, you will receive a full refund.
For cancellations requested 3 day before the tour date, you get a half-refund.

For cancellation requests made on the day of the tour or 2 days before the tour date, we regret to inform you that no refund will be available as the notice is too short.

Altering the bookings by you

If you want to change your tour date or replace the booked tour with some other available one, you must inform us at least 2 day prior to the actual tour date. We will do our best to help you with an alternate tour, and we won’t charge anything for this service.

Passports and visas

If you have booked a tour to Greece from Turkey, it is mandatory that you have a valid passport with you. The EU citizens don’t need visas for these kind of excursions and tours.


We always aim to please our clients and if you have any complaints about any particular tour, you can address to one of our crew members traveling with you, or email us, and we will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

However, if an issue arises and it cannot be resolved amicably, then the issue escalates to the jurisdiction of laws of the governing country in which the actual tours take place. By opting to book the services of Tour Point LTD. CO. it is understood that you will abide by the prevailing laws and regulations under the jurisdiction of the governing country in which the tour in question is conducted.

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